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I have been an independent scholar studying living process and values for over 50 years with a Bachelor of Science from MIT and advanced studies at Yale with Alan Anderson and Fred Fitch and Charles Hartshorne on panentheism at University of Texas at Austin, as well as working on a 10 year study at The Linguistics Research Laboratory at University of Texas at Austin of information theory to determine the likelihood of it ever leading to artificial intelligence - conclusion was no - without a profound paradigm change of information theory. Conventional ideas as to information were wrong. The paradigm change has not occurred to this day. And it was in working the Robert S. Hartman, philosopher who discovered in the 50's the existence of a value hierarchy in life - that I concluded that values would only function in a living process and that we needed to extend our notions of reality to include a living universe - not be confined to the little segment of physics.

See the Robert S. Hartman Institute - www.hartmaninstitute.org

Also see my paper published 2008 on Towards a Science of Life as Creative Organism in Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy.