Whitehead Processes Point the Way to New Mind

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OMG, Whitehead was so "out there" ahead of his time getting insights into this new reality and giving us a foundation for navigating a non tangible, outside space time process of manifestation. Here is a paragraph summary by Norm Hirst of this process. I hope you'll take a bit of time to ponder it.

from Theory: Hypothesis -Unique Characteristics of New Science

Whitehead's Process:

An actual occasion is a living event composed of many many living entities with their own identity in which every entity in the composition is making judgments for itself; what do I want based on prehensions (felt sense facts of togetherness or the awareness of one another).  Eternal objects are perfect because they are outside space and time like Plato's Ideals in mathematics.  Eternal objects (these are the epi-principles of life-itself) are organizing principles around which space/ time organizes itself within perfections.  Each entity is going to be invoking some aspect of some eternal object(s).  This could be the same as laws of coherence.  Eternal objects are like objectives (intensional attractors).  A living entity in an actual occasion has prehensions giving it what it's got to work with. All of this said is what is presented to us at the beginning of the actual occasion. An actual occasion reaches satisfaction in the concrescence of its being positively prehended by another actual occasion and becomes a superject
Each individual will decide on the basis of the eternal objects (superject) and the prehensions;