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What you need to know about the Autognomics Institute and the research to discover the logos of Life-itself.

The Autognomics Institute began in 1992 as a non-profit research and education virtual center, comprised of 12 scholars from around the world...

  1. To create a new science of the organizing principles of life, to discover the logos of life-itself.
  2. To then translate this theory into practical principles, tools and processes that will allow its straightforward application
  3. To make universally available the awareness of these primordial laws of life processes

From the first 16 years of research, a beginning set of discoveries is now being published. This neoscience of the logos of life-itself is underway.

Building on the initial 50 years of inquiry by founders, Norm Hirst, Skye Hirst and Gene Pendergraft, what TAI researchers are doing today is focusing on discoveries that have been emerging from laboratories around the world in the last 2-3 decades. These discoveries are virtually unknown because no one seems to know how to talk about them. Talking involves categories. Categories are based on experience and the predominant thought is based on the experience of materialism. Though there are many experiences that go beyond materialism they get largely marginalized. Thus to introduce what is going on beyond materialism requires new language, a new mind.

As we present the theory of life-itself (zero point energy, non-manifest in physical space and time, which can create life and manifestation) which involves ...

  • organisms (organism is a society of organisms)
  • values
  • non-locality
  • consciousness and evolution
  • integration
  • connectedness (all life is connected)
  • knowledge leading to "informare"

we have to remember that it cannot be boiled down to linear, single concept thinking, nor most of all, the mental habits we're used to in understanding materialism.

Mechanism takes a slice out of reality, a small slice and materialism forces a confinement to that boundary. Reality is far more than that mechanistic slice. It involves processes that we've never been aware of. Those are processes that create and promote life.

Materialism forces us to disconnect from the life-promoting-creating processes, thus the human race has lost meaning, lost direction and indeed have turned to the most dangerous, suicidal directions.

The laboratory discoveries coming out of biophysics and frontier disciplines are empirical facts. They are not matters of opinion. Such facts present the difficulty that they cannot be accounted for or explained in our common language and traditional mechanistic sciences. What TAI is doing is developing communicable knowledge that explains and integrates new discovered facts that do not fit into materialism worldview.

As this is done, a new reality of life in its fullness and how it occurs is being discovered or revealed, one that is not limited to materialism.

There are many bewildering and seemingly unsolvable problems that seem to be holding control of our world as well a many mysteries that human kind has had no way of explaining nor understanding. To understand life itself requires new philosophies, new logics, new languages and reframed experience.

The discoveries about how life is and how it forms itself out of itself, reveals much that can help us frame new approaches to what has seemed like unsolvable problems and unexplainable phenomenon.

What's being discovered is that life acts by forming societies of organisms. Societies and organisms are capable of acting and initiating their own acts. Life does not function by force, cause and effect, mechanisms nor determinism. If it did it could not achieve the level of creativeness required of it. Life itself is the source of evolution, not random processes or a designer god, but perhaps with a new vision of God as co-creator.

In the process of asking the question "What is Life," the logos of the universe and yes, life-itself is being revealed as a living entity, that it functions as an organism forming many societies of organisms unified, connected for the evolution of itself. At TAI researchers are seeing that "effective acts" of life-itself involve values and value intelligence inherent throughout all organism processes.

As we learn more about the forming acts of life-itself, and discover the ways of organisms, TAI as well as others, are seeing that the ways life-itself and organisms function invalidate many assumptions long held by scientific materialism.

Although this is being recognized around the world to be true, few have found how to break free of the bonds of the 2500 years of thought that dominates every known area of scientific thought. It has even influenced values, religious thought, and how we live together on this planet with nature.

The implications and applications of these discoveries are showing promise for making new choices that can provide navigation in those complex realms of values, spirituality, government policies, healthful living, learning decision making processes, diversity, eco-consciousness, commerce and peaceful co-thriving. . For one's personal life, neither philosophy, nor science is required. One could easily live an entire life without the need for such.

However, for a science community's efforts, a common language is necessary. Philosophy and science are both shared inquiries amongst the community. Inquiry is normally done in natural language reshaped for philosophy. There are two defects with this. One is that natural language is not structured as required to express the complexity of the ultimate organizing nature involved in the subject matter. Secondly in natural language the connection between ideas is left to individual interpretation, thus an individual may interpret in a way that wasn't intended leading to distortion.

Therefore, the TAI researchers are developing a new science for life-itself, with sign systems and logos to provide a replacement for natural language and the dominant scientific materialism and traditional logics.

With these new systems of process, they may be thought of as an artificial language designed and structured to express what is required of the subject matter. Further ideas are explicitly connected by rules of the system forming thought recipes, new forms of formalisms that can express principles of life-itself logos, not a controlling form, but one that can coordinate an infinite variety of beliefs and actions. From these new forms ideas can be shared by the inquiring community with the discipline of new forms for a new science of the logos of life-itself.

See our paper in Cosmos and History Journal's special edition of What is Life? Our paper outlines the nature of TAI research work and lays the groundwork for the beginning neo-logos life-itself science.

That's perhaps a beginning of what you need to know about TAI and our research and the beginning of a new science and new discovery of the logos of life-itself.