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Life-itself Theory Development

As the logos of life-itself becomes more and more apparent, so are the inadequacies of materialism. Materialism simply cannot account for life-itself. To understand the logos of life-itself, we have to ask what can be done to overcome mechanisms and traditions of Western materialism, to break with our culture’s scientific materialism and to replace it with new foundations.

For a science community's efforts, a common language is necessary. Philosophy and science are both shared inquiries amongst the community. Inquiry is normally done in natural language reshaped for philosophy. There are two defects with this. One is that natural language is not structured as required to express the complexity of the ultimate organizing nature involved in the subject matter. Secondly in natural language the connection between ideas is left to individual interpretation, thus an individual may interpret in a way that wasn't intended leading to distortion.

Therefore, the TAI researchers are developing a new science for life-itself, with sign systems and logos to provide a replacement for natural language and the dominant scientific materialism and traditional logics.

We are now pointing to possibilities of what a new theory of life- itself would entail:

  • Creating the foundation for a new metaphysics;
  • Capturing the results of experiments coming out of research laboratories around the world;
  • Instituting new primitives and a framework for new logics of life-itself.

The framework for life-itself logics will be one that gives us the formalisms of traditional logics but without their restrictions that are bound by mathematics. The new formalisms for life-itself will not be about static structures, but the dynamics of acts.