The Magic of Our Beingness

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Who Am I? What do I do? These are questions each of us frequently are asked. As we go to parties and meet new people or simply try to explain ourselves to family - answering these questions can be a challenge. We seek simple one-word labels to give as an answer, i.e., I am a doctor, student, caregiver, retired, volunteer etc. And yet this captures nothing of the magic and wonderment of you. You are not one thing, not even a thing at all. You are a magical interwoven miracle of processes connected to all other living processes. So here i attempt to answer these questions with what might be too long to use as a response at a party, but perhaps you might find some ideas of looking at yourself with the awe and wonder you deserve. Open to seeing yourself as process. And yes, poetry or music or a painting might capture you better than a single one word label. I'd love to hear what you come up with. Enjoy... Reflection on My Process with Others

Who Am I? I'm not one thing.

What do you do? What is your work?

How do you organize yourself? Strategize Plan and Dream?

Many times I try to describe what I do when I work with my clients. And it becomes so clear how very complex and intricately woven each of us is and when we come together as I do one with another to engage in a process it is a magic event – it is a becoming event out of the complexity of the two of us and all else.

I get an impression sense of the client from the Hartman Value Inventory. It's a tiny window into a most amazingly rich landscape made of infinite of infinite experiences all inter-locked outside space and time. What does all this mean? It means that there is a divinity to each of us, a reality that has never been, nor never will be again and in this intersection where our lives cross, something transpires that neither of us fully can be aware of. It's a movement, subtle and strong and a signally back and forth in and around until some coherence is realized. There is a pause perhaps and then flowing, lurching, jumping of energy across trillions of occurances and into other coherence findings.

I look to bring us both into this now, to be as fully present to the moments we co-mingle as I can. We both go into this reality of our making and we are both changed -

I sometimes say I hold the space for the possibility in this coming together. I feel loving, I feel honored to be sharing in a person's very private journey of becoming.

It seems I feel what the other is feeling – there is a dialogue of words, images, "felt senses" and emotions. When the dance is over for a time – I feel fully alive, exhausted and exhilarated all at once. A value intelligence is at work within the awesome fabric in which we live and breathe – and it knows what we need as we align ourselves with it – a peacefulness is realized and then aliveness – fully vibrating all throughout and its like a mighty sounding gong with pitches of resounding variety in a unity and integrity. We – we feel, sense and recognize ourselves anew because we are always creating and the source is without limit. No I am not one thing- I am all of life being created into me, and I am ever changing, and yet there is always only one of me. A paradox it seems, yet in being alive we are often one way one time and another way another time, yet the same.

I provide a witnessing – an interactive mirror of realms ephemeral, spiritual if you will, that have no thing like qualities of separated parts – I host what Whitehead called an actual occasion – that is looking to fulfill conditions required of it – to fulfill itself. It's a command of nature to be myself and in being myself I invite others to meet me with themselves.

What is all this? It's what we are being, discovering, creating and its all made up as we go. And that's the magic. Far from random, there is truly a magnificent order and hopefully together in this little tiny focus of attention out of all our living – we come into greater coherence – a sense of purpose, of being on-course in the flow of this creative organism called life. And we separate only in that we give our attention elsewhere but that shared momentary focus goes with us and is substance for the next actual becoming.

This is the future, the present and past – no I am not one thing – I am life.