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Services and Activities

The Autognomics Institute researchers, practitioners and fellows are finding evidence of new patterns and laws within Life-itself. TAI has many centers of focus and activity offering a uniquely rich combination of theoretical and applied research with services and outreach that take the forms of:


Getting to the root of issues that have escaped solution finding due to need for new perspective of live process and values. Through this center, individuals and groups join in projects to address change and transformations towards more living organizations.


Both personal and executive coaching are available with beginning focus stemming from the Hartman Value Inventory, a tool developed by Robert Hartman to assess the Value Intelligence abilities.

Hartman Value Inventory is provided as both a research tool and guidance assessment for personal and executive development towards realizing a life of coherence, meaning and fulfillment as defined by each individual and organization

Open Space Inquiry Circles

Frontliners are identified through our research and invited to present their methods, discoveries, and questions about what they are seeing, sensing and discovering from their work in their field. With insights from the new life-itself paradigm, we pose questions to Frontliners in the spirit of empirical philosophy, to learn how such insights may or may not help them frame something they have sensed but didn't have a language or way to explain. If there is enough interest and reason for in-depth study of the topic, full in-depth projects evolve and funding is sought to do further research for particular application of the insights gained through the initial inquiry process.

Inspiration. TAI invites inspirational speakers, visionaries, and thought leaders to present and work collaborative to inform, educate and promote these new understandings for widest dissemination and discourse of findings.

Courses/lectures: Learning About and From Logos of Life-itself

TAI offers a learner-driven, self-organizing environment for life-long learning, personal development drawing from life-itself logos paradigm research. Learners may choose whatever level of inquiry from initial Open Space discourses to development of a project demonstrating excellence (PDE) as a path of development and inquiry for discovery in the new paradigm of life-itself logos. Regular Open Space/Inquiry Gatherings bring people together to explore and share their processes and studies through which like-minded can join into relationships however brief or long as is mutually beneficial. Courses are formed periodically to advance what is being discovered to offer new knowledge in the spirit of inquiry and dialogue from which each draws on his/her experience and identity to draw out from emerging knowledge what is most meaning and useful.

A tutorial is currently being developed to be used on-line and for the foundations of self-study programs for those wishing to focus on this emerging research and contribute from personal experience how these principles may be showing up in both individual and societal functions.


Members and contributors to TAI will receive periodic newsletters and will be invited to participate in events, conferences and research. Partnerships in research and applications are available for those who wish to avail themselves of emerging findings.

Financial support can be given through several methods. Inquire to TAI for more information on how to participate.