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Quotes from bottom of Autognomics Website (Inspiration)

"The real value of science is it provides knowledge of how to do things, based on how a process or thing actually works." ~ Norm Hirst

TAI has come to the conclusions that our worldviews and ways of thinking lead to many of the problems we face. In his book "The Turning Point", physicist, Fritjof Capra describes how all our problems such as terrorism, war, pollution, crime, unemployment, health-care are facets of a crisis of perception which comes from mechanism.

"The functions of our identity require love and loving. Being ourselves is the only way we can be and yet, our society has structured itself in such a way that makes it difficult to feel the love that is our very nature; it breathes, forms, and creates us. By being turned outward towards that which is merely tangible, we have become stuck in false measurement, unknowable capricious rules; we have collectively and individually become lost to ourselves. Love is always operative within us and yet we can't feel it or know it except in those fleeting moments of being in nature, with animals, a moment of heart felt sharing or an aesthetic moment experienced in the arts. Loving draws us to oneness. Loving draws us home to ourselves as living beings." ~ Skye Hirst, PhD

"The world is very ill. There are many symptoms. Cure the symptoms and the disease just deepens. Cure the disease and the symptoms will go away." ~ Norm Hirst