Peaceful World

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Within every living human being exists essential driving functions of Life, or organizing processes that need to be fulfilled and realized. They are both biological and spiritual in nature. It’s a kind of inherent wisdom that organizes the day-to-day processes of living for the way the organism or being develops, grows, and finds meaning. When living environments recognize and support the realization of these processes in individual beings, something happens that is magical but also quite explainable. When these processes are suppressed, oppressed, or inhibited in ways that prevent their realization, abhorrent behaviors, more than likely, develop to lesser or greater degrees in the child and or later as an adult. To be fully realized, as a human being is the fundamental desire of every living being, whether they know it or not. This is the most sacred of rights, the right to individual freedom of process…. to realize ones own personal intentions of fulfillment at whatever level whether personal, family, worldly pursuits, spiritual understanding and, or all of it.