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As we learn more about the forming acts of life-itself, and discover the ways of organisms, TAI, as well as others, are seeing that the ways life-itself and organisms function invalidate many assumptions long held by scientific materialism.

Although this is being recognized around the world to be true, few have found how to break free of the bonds of the 2500 years of thought that dominates every known area of scientific thought. It has even influenced values, religious thought, and how we live together on this planet with nature.

The implications and applications of these discoveries are showing promise for making new choices that can provide navigation in those complex realms of values, spirituality, government policies, healthful living, learning decision making processes, diversity, eco-consciousness, commerce and peaceful co-thriving.

Inquiry circles form interaction between thought leaders, "front-liners," (people who are up against societal problems daily) and the researchers at TAI. This process is to determine the efficacy, applications and implications of philosophical findings and empirical discoveries about the organizing principles of life-itself as organism.