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REVEALING THE LOGOS (Universals/fundamentals) in LIFE-ITSELF

With theoretical as well as applied research, empirical philosophy, education and consulting, TAI is advancing human understanding of "what is life?"

Since 1992 when a group of 12 scholars came together in Connecticut, USA, to ask the question, "Do we need a new discipline towards creating a new science of lifeitself?" They answered “Yes” and 19 years later, building on the previous 50-plus years of inquiry by Norm Hirst, Gene Pendergraft, Skye Hirst, and Jon Ray Hamann,

The Autognomics Institute is pushing forward with its mission:

  1. Creating a new discipline; discovery of universals and fundamentals in life-itself-the logos, the inalienable processes, the coherence laws forming living events, actual occasions and concreteness, life as creative organism, how life creates and knows itself.
  2. Making universally available the awareness of these primordial life processes.
  3. Generating applications and implications for greatest usefulness during the profound changes in our world.

As the logos of life-itself is becoming more and more apparent, so are the inadequacies of materialism. Materialism simply cannot account for life-itself. To understand the logos of life-itself, we have to ask what can be done to overcome mechanisms and traditions of Western materialism, to break with our culture’s scientific materialism and to replace it with new foundations.

We are now pointing to possibilities of what a new theory of life itself would entail:

  • Creating the foundation for a new metaphysics;
  • Capturing the results of experiments coming out of research laboratories around the world;
  • Instituting new primitives and a framework for new logics of lifeitself.

Today the framework for life-itself logics will be one that gives us the formalisms of traditional logics but without their restrictions which are bound by mathematics. The new formalisms for life-itself will not be about static structures, but the dynamics of acts.

To understand the logos of life-itself, we need a new mind: a fullness of perception that can only be shared through sign systems like art, new kinds of formalisms, and "felt sense" knowing that reaches beyond the reality of the tangible. We point to the realms of heretofore unknown forms of energy, hidden processes, and systems of order being revealed in research as recently as the past two-three decades. Such findings have been largely marginalized because there has been no way to talk about what is being revealed within the confines of our dominant culture, scientific materialism.

As the logos of life-itself becomes revealed, we are finding that the root of most of our world problems is its misunderstanding. Understanding life-itself can change the hope for humanity towards a peaceful and thriving living existence. A new mind is emerging and with it a new worldview of our role as human beings: we are cocreators in this living universe which is an organism in which we all are connected.