Mary Baker Eddy - Lead in new Thought about Life's Phenomenon

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Gillian Gil, biographer has captured Mrs. Eddy's time the period 1850-1875. wow I feel like I was back there as a woman it was a bit of hell and Mrs. Eddy introduced new thought about life. She eventually founded an entire religion Christian Science based on the ideas of principle, life as spirit, not matter and when we pray, God knows all so prayer is more about aligning our thoughts and attention to the perfection that always exists in spirit, not the limitations of matter.

Her thoughts align with many of that time, Whitehead, Emerson, Hartman. Join me in exploring these New Thoughts that are only now beginning to meet with understanding of what they were talking about. And then what about Jung, Claire Graves, others. It's amazing the organizing coherence principles are in there, coming out now, as the world turns once again to what these thought giants began over a century ago.