Loving Times Are Upon Us

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The Christ Idea Is Loving

The time of loving is upon us – what does love provide? 2000 years ago a consciousness of love was introduced to a world that was lonely, warring, hungry, without reason or purpose. Today we are back there, and to return to this loving energy awareness is only to recall a moment of connection to nature, to a new-born child, a creative act. It only takes a moment that will and can last a whole life long –

So with this day of the Christ idea – Christmas - we are brought this loving reminder – that in compassion, a peaceful pause, the giving of thoughtfulness, the connection awareness we are joined in this moment, all separation is removed, warring has no gain, we experience truly being fed and the purpose of each of us is to fulfill that which is uniquely ours to give– I give thanks for this gift of all gifts.

May this season of loving be ever opening in us all.