Happy Life to All

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Happy Life to All

It's been a while since we reported to you the events here at TAI.

Norm and others around the world continue to explore and discover and point the way in this 2000 year old shift occurring. Each day Norm and I learn of revolutionary, shocking insights that are emerging almost minute by minute – only during the past few months – properties of water have been discovered that we never knew and such revelations may just explain much of how our living universe works.

That our universe is a living organism seems to be a growing consensus and what that requires of us will be the unfolding of many research lives to come. This coming year 2011 may be one of the most astounding times of all as we gather the knowledge required to comprehend beyond comprehension what is being revealed by this living organism in which we live and breathe.

As we approach 2012, we don't really know what to expect – the shift is of such fundamental magnitude – it is hard to imagine just what it will look like, but we are seeing that the research done here at TAI has laid much groundwork to help us navigate through these times. We have been studying the properties of organisms, the philosophy of organism as Whitehead so beautifully put forth and through it we find combined wisdom where what organizes this vast complexity is values. Robert S. Hartman discovered this way before we could see how life works. His inquiry began by asking how does a human being know what is "good?" We learn now there is a moral compass, not just in humans but throughout all life guided by this value dynamic, value intelligence. Love is the vibrational fabric out of which life creates. The advantage of love is that it provides the greatest freedom for every living entity to create and find themselves. Love is all and so it is there we meet with each breath in our individual differences.

The speeds with which organisms shift, change, create, organize is mind-boggling and there is an interactive interconnectedness, and coherence that happens simultaneously. One part changes, it changes everything. We each are organisms nested in larger organism. On this planet Earth, it's water that connects us to the frequencies of the universe and throughout life.

To talk in words about what is being discovered is almost impossible – but try we will. We hope to hold a few on-line inquiry discourses through our web forum and there will be regular posts on our blogs. There you can contribute and join in on topics of your greatest interest, where we hope you will contribute questions, thoughts and insights.

We have much work to do this year and we hope you will keep us informed of your activities. We hope you will visit our website, follow us on Twitter and pass along our newsletter to interested parties. What inspires Norm and I as we move into this changing reality is to feel the connection with all of you who have supported us, listened to us and contributed your inquiry and brought us your empirical observations of life up close and personal. Many of you may not know Norm and I, but we hope you will get acquainted over this coming year. So take a tour of our website – there is much to discover there. Organisms – their properties – that includes you and me and organizations and systems of order. The history of human knowledge reveals a new reality is upon us. Life/love is moving us along and no one is being left out. May in this coming year we all be filled with awareness of it.