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05/08/2015 16:04

New conversations are firing up about Life as Creative Organisms at the Autognomics site, on Twitter @autognomics, on our blog and now on

Through the Autognomics lens we're discussing ways to know ourselves more deeply, to share our lived experiences, and in the process do philosophy towards a new science mindset going beyond the growing machine dominance world view.

Discovering more deeply our aliveness may be the most important act of our century. What makes us alive, what are our most basic assumptions about reality and what it is? These may be heady topics, but to go deeper into our self-knowing - radical self-knowing - getting to the fundamental essence of what it means to be alive these are the realms of truly new discovery.

Why? Because, social ills are everywhere. There are lots of experts and mega data stores, but making sense of our reality requires living entities, not machine driven values and isolated data bits.

Join us with your living experience. We'll be posting questions, you can post questions and jump in with stories from your experience. We'll be introducing the Autognomics lens as relevant to the question for exploration, validation, or questioning. See you on Autognomics LIVE

  • What is Life-itself?
    • As Creative Organisms, the Emerging Consciousness? Bio-energy fields (living matrix) forming and creating as organism that creates societies of organisms all living and acting by coherence principles in oneness (inter-related and sensing connection to the whole) only now being discovered, in the past 20 years.
  • Developing the Value Science as Robert S. Hartman Initiated in the 1950s.
    • R.S. Hartman put forth the first theory of value with definitions of what is "good" and the discovery of three hierarchical dimensions of value: intrinsic, extrinsic, and systemic. He developed a test that has been validated in most major cultures around the world. It tests processes of value perception.
  • What do institutions need to change so life can flourish?
  • Where is Life as Creative Organism Showing Up?
    • How is it making a difference?
  • How are you a Creative Organism?
    • Living your life's purpose - How does it help you live life in harmony with ourselves and others?
  • Eternal Life, a New Vision (a new vision of spirituality, oneness)
    • Eternal Life, a New Vision - book by Bishop Spong helps us think and experience the new consciousness as it is showing up in Christianity about What is God? People are dropping out of religion at a high rate. They will no longer experience God as ruler. Instead they are accepting God as their loving co-creator.
  • We are all connected. It is more than metaphor;What is your experience of oneness?
    • Join in this community of discourse to share and find that idea, experience or inspiration that can help you or someone else?
  • What does art of this consciousness look like?
    • Share what you are finding. What does it look like? How does it feel? What is it helping you know that you didn't know or feel? Experiences of the oneness????
  • Organisms find effective acts (action) how?