Finding our Moral Compass

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Robert S. Hartman was born in Germany and experienced the rise of Hitler while he was a judge who opposed this rise – He sought to answer the question, what is good? In so doing he discovered not only that there was a moral compass, but that it was in all life, most likely, guiding and providing indicators for correction when we get too far away from that which is life-supporting, life enhancing and life giving.

Hartman's discovery of this fundamental value intelligence was way before we understood how life forms itself, corrects and re-news itself constantly. Researchers around the world who now study the living process as it lives see phenomenon beyond our wildest imaginings that stretch our comprehension. And yet, we all know the truth of our experience that when actions are void of what is good, we get that uneasy feeling. There is a moral compass built into us. What life requires of us is a new mind going beyond our constraints and long held beliefs of mechanism. Join us in this revolution of mind - discover a new mind. It appears to be happening faster than we could have imagined. And the miracle is only beginning.

A new movie is has come out called The Company Men, pointing out how far we've gone away from common decency because the "laws" allow us to do so. If the law permits it, then it must be ok to do. But when we try to direct our actions by laws that serve the lower values of money-making, power and greed, we find something more profound occurs. A ripple effect spreads throughout the society that says, it doesn't matter what each of us does. If all meaning is reduced to money, power and control over someone else for self-interests, morale is diminished and people have a hard time finding reasons to keep living, to keep showing up for someone's else's benefit. The workplace becomes a place of dread, getting by, doing minimal, not excelling to one's creative greatness.

So what does this have to do with changing your mind? The gift of being alive, is that we can change our mind, we can change everything about ourselves in a time frame so short it's unimaginable. And it appears, as life pushes us forward, that is exactly what is being required of us, that we are each changing everything about ourselves to re-organize our living processes back into alignment with what is good, what is possible out of that goodness and to truly begin to know, really know, the power of our creative life source to bring about healing, correction that affects all life.

There is so much talk about the shift, the change coming about in the year 2012. We see this shift occurring now, as we speak, there is much to celebrate and to be at peace with our notions of what is good. So what is good? It's a concept fulfillment. Whatever you hold as good, you focus on and from that concept forms a reality concurring with your concept. If you value life – possibility, loving, there is a deep, even quietness, because you feel the connection with all life. If you value rules, laws, and judgments only, independent of caring for living possibilities, you may get rich, and even become powerful, but at a price of feeling an emptiness and a separation, aloneness. Yes and you might even be very practical minded, able to sense what is required to get a job done, to keep a family fed and functionally meeting all it's societal requirements like paying taxes, bills etc. And yet you lose your own sense of identity, that creative urge that says, create something from yourself... be yourself, be true to this nature you are given to realize any number of infinite possibilities.

To change one tiny aspect of yourself, means that it all will change and move around to find a new order. We living organisms function as a unity and as single organisms nested in the larger organism of life – the living universe – our every single act effects all other acts throughout this living universe. You may think you could only have tiny impacts on this living universe, but consider the butterfly wings flapping and how they contribute to the winds we experience on this planet.

The findings that delineate the new picture of the world come from almost all the empirical sciences; from physics and cosmology, from the life sciences, even from consciousness research. Although their subject matter differs, their findings have a common thrust. They disclose interaction that creates interconnection and produces instant and multifaceted coherence. The hallmark of a system of such coherence is that its parts are correlated in such a way that what happens to one part also happens to the other parts hence it happens to the system as a whole. Ervin Laszlo Science and the Reenchantment of the Cosmos.

Come into this reenchantment – enjoy and discover a new mind. Now that's a new year's resolution for you.