Experiencing Our Human Amazingness Together-a LifeVIEW

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Life gives us infinite possibilities to be ourselves, to act, to live in concert with other life and yes, to be in conflict with other life as well. It's as if the loving energy source says here is the gift of life, now you get to choose what to do with it. I will love you no matter what your choices holding always open to you the opportunity for redemption, for renewal and an opportunity to choose again. We act out of some inner wisdom of beingness, some kind of finger print of our nature that unfolds with gentle and sometimes intense creativeness, running like a river finding its opportunities to run wherever it can.

Always there are constraints, some are from who we are in form and species, and some from the world in which we inhabit at any given time. Our creative core seems to be given the instructions for how to learn, to discover, to uncover, to find original ways of acting, being, functioning that have never been before. Such revelations come through such constraints I believe. They say to our river, you have this and that to deal with, now what can you make of it? Where do you want to run? How do you want to move with this gift of life you have?

The actions we choose live on and on making ripples of impact in all directions into other living actions and beings' choices. What a salad of concoctions we make together. Some are rich with flavors soothing and some are pungent, strident, bitter even. What do we do with that? What do we make of it? What actions will we choose next?

So this day of dawning, another marking for renewal, starting again with fresh day, fresh hour, fresh moment, I sit with these Skye thoughts – life creates us as amazing beings – what I call on today in myself is remembering my amazing contribution to the concert and shake hands with others as they make their choices. What a dance! What a miracle of hopefulness! What a life!