Birdsong Morning

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It's a birdsong morning. Didn't get to sleep much this night but as I waited for Norm to fall asleep after numerous awakenings, I heard a Cardinal singing a solo outside the window. It's June 21, Solstice and how wonderful that I'm alive and welcoming in the summer. I breathe deeply with what feels like a new awareness of air filling my lungs fuller than I can remember. I feel expansion coming from within.

Now let me tell you, this day, Norm was sitting watching me play a game of gin rummy with a friend and when I kept losing, he said, intend the cards you need and see what happens. Well I won the next three hands. What happened? Did I just become more focused and attentive or did my holding the space for the intension bring about a magic shift in the cards so the very card I needed would appear? I wonder if gamblers know about this magic? I bet the good ones do.

So since I've been spending a large portion of my time caring and attending and intending for Norm I'm learning magic is in every day in some form. This father's day day was quiet, late rising and then special gifts would arrive. Calls from three of Norm's sons and what wonderful conversations they had, like they were getting to the heart of communicating. Concerns all around about the world, how much longer it can take our discords and injustices.

And I hear a dove cooing outside my window now. It's as if the house is surrounded with birdsong lifting my spirits to the dawn arriving and the standing still of the earth's turning. Pendulum swinging. And back we go the other way, away from the light. I hope we can enjoy a few more sunny moments and more birdsongs. I hear the words of a Sufi master saying the beloved is everywhere revealing herself so we can fall in love every moment and be in our beloved filled with joyful bursting hearts overflowing. Happy Solstice