Awesome Fabric

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Awesome Fabric

Skye Hirst, March 2010

Last night when I couldn't sleep I wrote about my life with Norm. It will soon be 24 years we've been together this life time. I recalled so many moments and stories that I was swamped, but what I realized was how a life can be so full and yet it seems can end without so much of a notice. Maybe it is the ego that wants to believe we matter, but with what I've learned over the years is I know we matter to the very fabric we are conceived in.

The love fabric, its an awesome fabric without end that folds and unfolds in on itself vibrates and oscillates in all directions forming and un-forming the various relations of relations, you and me and all the particulars of creation as needed. This quantum reality is unmanifest as we commonly think of manifested reality. It's not materialism. It creates in ways we seem to know very little about til now.

As biophysists have learned more and more about how organisms function being alive, we now are learning how they create and recreate themselves, form and un-form as needed the relationships required of their contextual existence. It is love and loving energy that seems to be the groundwork out of which we are each manifesting. Notice I did not say manifested. The manifested is the artifact of what our creative energy forms, but it is ephemeral. It is, then is no more, transforming, changing constantly.

Getting attached, as the Buddhist's would call it is what seems to bring us suffering, wanting to hold on to one level of awareness, this or that manifested aspect of our existence from time to time. We hold on to what has formed through and in us. We also seem to get attached to both painful moments as well as that which is good. Powerful moments in creation grab our attention and can hold it if we don't learn how to release that hold.

So as I recalled my life, I realized what moments I am attached to, and hold in my awareness. I'm sure there are millions of experiences that do not hold my attention today in my life lived of 65 years. It would swamp the boat. But those highlights, those focused moments keep being in focus and those moments will be what I try to share here.

Why do I wish to share them? I believe there might be something of interest, not because they are my experiences, but because I hope to share the universal – that which is human and organism and living in all beings and there we connect on one level. We sense and learn from one another as though we each have shared the same boat, but we each have unique perspectives on the experience and in that we matter, we are the novelty created by this awesome fabric. It is ours and ours alone to witness and expand what is possible. We are the possibility and what we do with it is up to us. We are truly co-creators in this manifesting process.