What does it mean to be alive?

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What is life? How do we experience it? Feel it? Know it?

Life works if we let it. So why don't we? Harrison Owen

In the beginning was the GIFT of life. No one asked to be given this gift, we receive this miraculous life force and promptly forget about it and take it for granted and begin to focus on the distractions of everything else. We focus on "things," parts of the whole, and forget the most fundamental spark of life that makes every act of becoming possible. Without this connection to the life force, we don't exist, we don't sustain ourselves or any living process.

We hear spiritual leaders lure us with this or that dogma of what they believe will help us feel this connection and call it religion, something that is believed, or something we have faith in.

And we ask a very simple question that requires no seminar, book to read, course to take, or teacher to teach us, what beats your heart?

What is the most basic fundamental truth of reality? It is life – and of this realm many scientists and spiritual leaders alike are confounded.

So why has this escaped our attention? What are the current conditions of belief and underlying assumptions about reality that keep us moving away from this inner wisdom, access to this cosmic force available to all living entities?

Ok. Some definitions here to come soon

What is life?

What is a living entity?

What are Underlying assumptions, metaphysics?

What is reality?