What's Real?

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The functions of our identity require love and loving. Being ourselves is the only way we can be and yet, our society has structured itself in such a way that makes it difficult to feel the love that is our very nature; it breathes, forms, and creates us. By focusing outward towards that which is merely tangible, we have become stuck in false measurement, unknowable capricious rules; we have collectively and individually become lost to ourselves. Love is always operative within us and yet we can't feel it or know it except in those fleeting moments of being in nature, with animals, a moment of heart felt sharing or an aesthetic moment experienced in the arts. Loving draws us to oneness. Loving draws us home to ourselves as living beings

I work with clients beginning with the HVI (A Value Vision Inventory). What I learn from my clients through the lens of this instrument awakens me to the pain and struggle people are living needlessly. so many people have developed a theoretical notion of what they or others should be. They make judgements on this basis of what is right and wrong. it's a made up reality, one that some how has formed in them. The creativity of our natures is amazing. It will create whatever it needs to function in the contexts in which it is surrounded. Life gives us all the necessary conditioning from birth to act creatively in whatever setting we may be living. And there appears to be no limit to the variety that is created by us in the use of the coherence conditions we are provided. for example: Several of my clients have developed overly active "Systemic" sensitivies. They then over emphasize this dimension of values, that is, they spend a lot of energy trying to acheive a theoretical notion of how they or others should be. Sometime in their lives (and in so many lives) they've lost touch with their own inner knowing, the "felt senses" available to them in knowing what actions to take, what has real meaning that can result in a life of richness, fulfillment and satisfaction. I'm not just talking success of making money, being popular, in the right club etc. i'm speaking of those experiences that resonate our deepest senses of passion, connection, purpose and beauty.

any theoretical notion of life or how it should be is merely that, a theory that too often is capriciously made up and without much grounding or connection to the higher richer levels of value - the extrinsic and intrinsic. More on how this all looks in our lives.