I Love Beginnings (Welcome 2016)

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I love beginnings – it’s like fresh, clean pages ready for the filling, creating, innovating, discovering, exploring. A new Year begins with the passing of hours, a calendar page turned, and off we go. This morning I’ve already read of a “Beautiful” new human like robot, a meal delivery site that will bring me fresh, wonderful ingredients coupled with recipes and how to cook all within a price range unimaginable (not regarding the cost on the planet of shipping, packaging etc.), inspired writings about “ringing out the old and ringing in the new”, a cautionary tale about surprising deaths most likely to occur and a call from poet, Neruda to think about “love as political feeling in the way it is predicated on freedom, justice and equality.”

So beginnings have already started us down the run way toward becomings, towards a future bringing with it choices, deep questions about being alive, being human and qualities we will get to revere or shun in the process of it all. So in my NEW Year’s beginning and becoming, I’ll take a moment or two to consider this “empty” page before me, what do I choose to call out of all possibility? Much will occur I cannot imagine as the diversity of living lives together create, each from their own empty pages. So I get to ride the waves, show up, feel the exhilaration of hope with each breath of life. What a joy to feel the world of people everywhere beginning again, starting again. What will we create together in the next 12 months? I choose more of that Love feeling predicated on freedom, justice and equality.