Getting the Big Picture of Life'S Processes When Times Are Hard

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Getting the Big Picture of Life'S Processes When Times Are Hard

Skye and Norm Hirst ~ for Inner Tapestry

Norm Hirst – As living growing participant-organisms in this greater organicism of life, we are "phase locked" through organizing coherence principles that make life in all its complexity possible.

When life gets hard, falls apart, as it seems to be for so many today, history has shown us that the living reality, living universe, the organism of life reveals one more of her secrets – a discovery is made and we shift our consciousness. Today is such a time.

I read in an astrology book that the universe has only one rule; nothing comes to pass until all conditions are right. This appears to ring true as life's picture unfolds. Norm says that there are cycles within life processes, some so short, so fast we don't even perceive them at all, they are so small as to not even have a measure to name them, and yet we are cycling through these processes and they are probably even outside space and time. Also there are cycles that extend over years, centuries called epochal time. However, we sense them through intuition when something organizes itself within us or around us to feel right for the moment – for us, for the whole, and all is aligned. Such moments give us goosebumps, make us cry when we feel such knowing. Something rings true, deeply at the most fundamental levels of our core.

Consider what has happened with the Chilean miners – their solidarity – their knowing sense of how to survive working collaboratively. They have reminded us of this truth. Each person (organism) in his part, fulfilling a role his/she is born to create. Each one's contribution is key and needed for the survival and thriving of the whole.

Norm has spent over fifty years studying and slowly putting together an amazing picture of the organism of life, her unique requirements of everything from a metaphysics (the most fundamental of beliefs and assumptions about reality) to the living logics, laws of form and distinctions that can account for the emerging discoveries about organism of life. He believes there are organizing living coherence principles that will soon emerge revealing and explaining much of our human experience heretofore unexplainable by current dominant worldviews of physics. To get there we are all participating in this emergence – as we learn, know ourselves more deeply, sense our own uniqueness and connection to the greater whole. Just as the cells in our bodies function collaboratively to keep us alive, we are each cells in the organism of life keeping it alive – connected by water, our own biowater. (This will take some explaining to come later)

Let me share with you some of our conversations about these emerging secrets of organismic life. First, what is an organizing coherence principle? In physics there are laws of motion, gravitation and such that govern much of what we know as reality today. They are omni present whether or not you know about them, work with them as a physicist or engineer. But if you want to build a bridge or house you need to know about them, use them. We're grateful that someone figured out how to use them to make a car or computer run. These laws have been discovered by intuitives reaching beyond what was known and accepted about reality many years ago.

And now – new intuitive reaches are occurring about the phenomenon of life and what it requires of us going beyond what has been the primary science of physics. The organizing laws of physics are incomplete and cannot account for much of what is now being discovered about organism life. The more we keep trying to push life into constraints that don't apply, the more fragmented and disconnected we become from the living universe. We create novelty that's disconnected from meaning making more and more things, fragmented parts with no coherence.

For instance – the dominant logic most use today involves something about the need for consistency – survival of the fittest – need to compete, to negate, even destroy, others who get in our way of what we individually believe is ours by divine right. So we must fight for it dividing us one against the other creating a culture of war. The concept of peace eludes us. I asked a couple of young teenagers what they thought peace was and their response was that it does not exist - it's just a nice ideal.

As Norm has put forth in his paper Towards a Science of Life as Creative Organisms published in the Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy two years ago – we live in a living universe, a cosmos that has established coherence conditions and these coherence conditions are showing up as researchers look into the Sea of Dirac –zero point energy, and biophysicist Mae Wan Ho and others are discovering that wherever there's life, it has to be connected to the coherence of the universe. So the push is on to know more about life-itself

You and I non-researchers are sensing the consequences of such organizing principles within life-itself as well. Many have lived their lives making choices from their inner knowing of these principles however they have had no name for the process other than to say it just feels right.

So what do we know so far? I'll try to give tiny examples of the complexity and this just might surprise you.

Biophysicist Mae-Wan Ho .... asks us to consider in her book, The Rainbow and the Worm "a typical muscle contraction, all the cells in the muscle – billions of them at the very least – are executing the same molecular treadmilling in concert. Contraction involves numerous autonomously occurring cycles of attachment and detachment of all the individual myosin heads to and from the binding sites on the actin filaments at the rate of 50 cycles or more per second each of which molecular event requiring the transfer of energy contained in one molecule of ATP – precisely coordinated over the whole cell. This energy is available to us at will whenever and wherever we want it, just as we need it. Moreover, the energy is supplied at close to 100% efficiency."

It appears that organism-life-reality is made up of billions and billions of processes of complexity of blendings, signals, vibrational frequencies, bio-electro magnetism, firing and heating up but not burning up, not atrophying, but regenerating, creating anew, sustaining us as we act, and live.

So what organizes it all?

Think of the idea of a railroad track as an organizing principle. It provides organization for trains and anything about trains, but it doesn't dictate that trains use the rails, but if a train wants to go someplace, a track of some kind is necessary to coordinate the process. Life is like that. There are living tracks of coherence by which we know how to be alive as organisms living together, working, creating, playing, communicating, finding-our- way as living beings. If we are alive, we are organism-driven. There is an energy source and water, and vibrations forming crystals and each species vibrating at different frequencies but throughout this living universe the music of nature vibrates us using 93 octaves.

And yet, this vast variety of processes dance to something that is like a "phase-lock" unifying, organizing, creating, a giant orchestra while each of us creates a major tune with this bio-energetic force called life-itself. What Mae-Wan Ho and others are helping us to understand is that such a complexity is organized by elegant collaboration and unification, even solidarity.

What an open possibility for creation! You and I create how we think about what we think about as our bodies vibrate to a tune that is singularly recognizable throughout the cosmos as us. If you think you can be anyone but yourself, think again. The entire universe has organized itself to create you as you are in your nature. How you create with this nature of you is clearly part of the infinite variety of life-creating itself anew.

Now here's a kicker – it's water that has miraculous organizational properties - it has memory. . Yes, water appears to be most complex in the ways it helps cells to know what to do; a kind of interface between energy and matter/molecules. Watch for all kinds of research coming out on water. It will explain the mysteries of homeopathy and how it uses water and energy.

Consciousness, our thoughts, emotions, value intelligence, felt senses are intangible – yet, they intersect with the molecular actions (perhaps through water, say by the form of crystals it forms from our "attitudes") to influence what action manifests in the body and out – this is where there is great plasticity in organisms. This is where values and will come in. There are organizing principles within life that provide manifesting coherence conditions allowing great freedom and plasticity and at the same time allow unification and collaboration in a constantly changing reality inside and outside our body/fields.

As these secrets are revealed, I'm quite sure we won't learn how to make life, but we'll know how better to align ourselves and avail ourselves of these principles, instead of creating fragmentation and disconnects that lead to dysfunctional and warring cultures.

We know when something organizes itself within us to feel right for the moment – for us, for the whole, and all is aligned. Such moments give us goose-bumps; make us cry when we feel such a connection. Watching and learning about the miners and their rescue helped us recall this possibility of life. Consider other times when you've felt this unification of processes.

Phase lock – I like this term; I can feel it in my bio-water – my inner landscape where the molecules intersect with the life force that joins life together. Keep your eyes, ears, hearts and bio-water tuned in to the coming of life-itself principles being discovered. We're learning together that It's truly a Wonderful Life. It's a big picture and we're just beginning to see it. Oh my, what beauty and amazing gifts she has in store for us.