"If you can't see God in all, you cannot see God at all."

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"If you can't see God in all, you cannot see God at all."

Skye Hirst, February 2010

Today this February winter's day I sit looking out at the snow covered trees, blue sky of Maine and feel the creative bursts of hope come alive in me to try to capture something that has so alluded me, the life-time work of my husband inquiry into how life-works. He has been in poor health for some time and is in a rehabilitation center, hopefully coming home next week being stronger and ready to resume his life with me as husband and partner in this journey we have taken both separately and now together for the past 24 years.

We've looked at how life really works the process of life-knowing itself. When I first met Norm it was a most surprising encounter. This might take a bit to get back to my meeting Norm actually but ahhh the process. You get to see how the mystery and magic actually is amazing. I had gone to a weekend seminar in NYC on The New Paradigm, 1982. I didn't know what I was to discover there would put me on a path unimaginable at the time. I was working with a philanthropist on investigating ways of providing education that might not be getting mainstream attention. The players on the dais were Joseph Chilton Pearce, Frijof Capra, Hazel Henderson, Zoologist, Lyn Margolis, and there they were all talking about a new way of thinking, living, understanding that was emerging...I heard words like Autopoeisis, Gaia, something about how the heart has an enzyme that goes from the heart to the head and when that gets interrupted, negative emotions erupt and then the meditation, pushing my eye sockets and seeing all the light that was insight my head not coming from outside at all. Those who were uncomfortable with meditation, sitting quietly for a few moments in a group, got up and left while others settled in and I was lifted out of myself to feel almost a sense of blissful awakening. Oh my God....this is what is happening, I wanted to run out and tell the world, God is alive in all of us and she is coming aloud for everyone whether they know it or not.

Chilton Pearce talked about the Magical Child, birthing protocols that were interrupting the natural unfolding living processes at birth for so many and how it was being spread from the US to Japan and how the demarcation of time when these "efficient" child bearing processes has been put into place were indication of major social changes in culture and populations.

Yes, that day comes back to me like it was yesterday and that was 1982-3. The imprint of that day was to put into place a series of events in my self-knowing that would take the next two decades of exploration to integrate and yes all the while participating in my own paradigm shift while others were clearly experiencing theirs.